Hyperemphatic Art

Manuel Higueras

Javier & Trino Tortosa, second generation Spanish art dealers, created in 2019 a new artistic concept that they called “HYPEREMPHATIC ART”.

In realistic and hyper-realistic pictorial works, they implement and place real objects through magnets or supports, thus provoking amazement and surprise in the viewer, not knowing how to differentiate what is painted and what is real.

The different works/collections are commissioned and carried out by the group of international artists who work exclusively for their Trino Tortosa Art Gallery. They and they form “HYPEREMPHATIC ART TEAM”.

Javier y Trino Tortosa - Galería de Arte Trino Tortosa

Highlight of course, among all the works… the original piece, “INESA”. It was the first piece that Javier & Trino Tortosa commissioned with this new artistic concept. It was made by the famous international painter from Malaga Manuel Higueras.
It was with him that the great project of the collections began:


This was where they began to speak and personally show works by the artist Manuel Higueras to Rafa Nadal, Pau Gasol, Andrés Iniesta, Marc Márquez, Carolina Marín, Teresa Perales, Íker Casillas,… Maria Abashova, Nina Zmievets, Natalia Povoroznyuk, Anna Gerus, Elisa Carrillo Cabrera, etc., all of them being amazed both by their excellent technical quality, and by the versatility of their themes. Characteristic that no other painter in the world currently has.
Getting to portray the soul of the people he paints, capturing calm in moving figures, transmitting faith in his religious themes, making his compositions move with static objects, getting his landscapes to speak to you, perceiving the thought of his horses and make them all with the same quality and reaching the highest technical / artistic level. To this day there is no one who achieves such a level, this makes him a unique painter.

Manuel Higueras is currently studying at the Diocesan Seminary of Huelva, where he intends to be ordained a priest and continue helping everyone who needs it, as he has been doing throughout his life. Regardless of race, sex or religious profile. As Trino Tortosa father would say: “A good person as well as a great painter”.

It is not surprising that their works hang in the best private collections in the world, along with works by Picasso, Pollock, Warhol, Sorolla, Fortuny,… That prestigious international competitions request that their works be shown there or that international equestrian fairs use works yours to promote your events with worldwide visibility. That brotherhoods and religious orders from all over the world commission him a multitude of works to accompany on their walls works by Zurbarán, El Greco, Velázquez, etc.

Going back to the origins of “HYPEREMPHATIC ART”, we must also, of course, mention the first collection made with this new artistic concept and also made by Manuel Higueras commissioned by the brothers Javier & Trino Tortosa.
The collection was titled “My hands. My life” by HYPEREMPHATIC ART. In it, the leading role was held by the vegetables from Almería and its people. The Tortosa brothers together with their great friend Francisco Bermúdez / CELLBITEC Foundation thought that telling the history of agriculture in Almeria through an art collection of this level, with this innovative and avant-garde concept, would be like creating a tailor-made suit.

And so it was made, from a small seed in the hands of INESA, passing through the hands of grandfather Paco with his tomatoes, the green peppers in the hands of grandmother Carmen, the cherrys in the hands of a father, the aubergines in the hands of a mother, courgettes in the hands of Fran Jr., cucumbers in the hands of Mohamed the African immigrant, red peppers in the hands of Stasis the European immigrant, raf tomatoes in the hands of a director from Almería, watermelon in hands of a commercial from Almería,… and as a final climax, a spectacular work of art where the famous Chefs Hermanos Torres appear making a declaration of intent (they appear wrapping all these vegetables, all of them placed in a real way in the work done by Manuel Higueras).

Almeria’s agriculture is tasted at the best tables and in the most exclusive restaurants in the world.

This collection has traveled to the most important International Fairs in Europe such as Fruit Attraction in Madrid, Logistica Fruit in Berlin and Expoagro in Almería. In all of them it has been surprising to see that worlds apparently so different as Agriculture and Art can come together to give life and visibility to a sector as important in our lives as the world of food. The directors of all of them have summoned us to return to exhibit future collections in their respective Fairs, offering us priority spaces within them.

We will finish this first article, commenting that “HYPEREMPHATIC ART” has started making collections within the world of Agriculture, Sports, and Dance,… But that its range of possibilities for future collections has no limit. An example of this is that works have already begun for Telefónica, for the Marathon of New York, for Ferrari, etc. and many other negotiations already opened by Javier & Trino Tortosa that will pleasantly surprise lovers and collectors of this noble discipline of the arts. how is the painting.